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The world of Embedded Systems is a farrago of everything that covers multiple engineering disciplines and sub-disciplines.

Hence it calls for “Jack of All Trades and Master of Whole” type practitioners. Although no one can know it all, PulseRain Technology’s expertise in both hardware and software can lend an upper hand when it comes to Embedded System Design.

PulseRain M10: Play FPGA like Arduino

  • Over the past 10 years, FPGA device has grown into main stream. Instead of using a hardcore MCU, embedding a soft-core MCU into FPGA, with all the peripherals customized, is now within the reach of makers. And that's where PulseRain M10 comes into play, an open source design down to the silicon level!

  • The M10 board takes a distinctive technical approach by embedding an open source soft MCU core (96MHz) into an Intel MAX10 FPGA, while offering an Arduino compatible software interface and form factors. And it features onboard resources like voice CODEC, microSD socket, SRAM, onchip ADC and dual IO voltages. 

  • The M10 board can serve as a core module and easily morph into various cool things. For starters, you can build a Lego Monster Truck out of it! For more fun, how about home automation through DTMF? In fact, you can now completely replace your Arduino with M10!

Book: Building Embedded Systems
               - Programmable Hardware


  • To those who enjoy doing things that are otherwise meanless in the eyes of many.

  • Building Embedded Systems can be both fun and intimidating. Putting together an embedded system requires skill sets from multiple engineering disciplines, from software and hardware in particular. And this book can help you do things in the right way from the beginning of your first project

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