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The world of Embedded Systems is pretty much a farrago of everything.

Hence it calls for "Jack of All Trades and Be a Master as much as you can" type of practitioners. Although no one knows it all well, PulseRain Technology's expertise in both hardware and software can lend an upper hand ...





PulseRain Technology's IP portfolio includes multi channel vocoder, bus interface controller, math library etc.


In particular, our ITU G723.1 vocoder is the world's first FPGA / ASIC based multi-channel G723.1 codec, with the industry's highest data throughput per clock cycle as compare to DSP based solution.

The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

Almost no one comes down here (the engineering level) unless, of course, there is a problem. That's how it is with people. Nobody cares how it works as long as it works. I LIKE IT down here!

Favorite Quote

PulseRain Technology was created with an "open" mind.

Many members of our engineer team are also enthusiastic open source contributors.