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FP51-1T MCU Core: A Mustang in FPGA




Putting MCU core into FPGA is becoming a universal practice these days. However, most MCU soft cores available today are tied to specific FPGA vendors. To break the status quo, PulseRain Technology has come up with the FP51-1T core (Named after the legendary P-51 Mustang Fighter-bomber.) for a more portable solution.

​The FP51-1T is a high performance 8-bit MCU core, compatible with Intel 8051 ISA. With a crafty RISC implementation, this core can achieve single clock cycle execution for most instructions, while push the clock rate above 96MHz. (Silicon Proven on the low speed -8 grade device in Altera MAX 10 family).

To facilitate debugging, an OCD (On Chip Debugger) is also provided along with the MCU core. The OCD can communicate with host PC through RS232 protocol. And it supports feature like code downloading, single step execution, hardware breakpoint etc. A C library (in SDCC) is also provided to support the majority of Arduino Language.

And with great flexibility, new peripherals can be added and customized through Wishbone bus interface.


This IP is offered. in dual licenses: an open source license (GPL v3) and a commercial license. Please contact us to request a quote if you are interested in obtaining the commercial license.


Design Resources


  • Datasheet and TRM (Technical Reference Manual) 







  • Commercial Evaluation Board

This IP has been verified on PulseRain M10 Platform. The FPGA used on board is MAX 10 10M08SAE144C8G


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